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  2003 by Amelia Harper. All rights reserved


Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

 Samples below are in pdf format suitable for printing.

 If you do not have Adobe Reader,

download it free here.

Chapter studies

After students read a chapter in the Lord of the Rings, they are asked to read and complete a chapter study in the student book. The chapter study has four parts: fill in the blank summary of the chapter, vocabulary exercises, additional notes, and discussion questions. The students fill in the blanks and complete a summary of the material in the chapter. If they do not know an answer, the page number is given for them to find the answer. They need to check their answers with the teachers edition to make sure they are correct because the chapter summary can then be used as a study guide when it is time for the unit test. There are also simple vocabulary exercises for each chapter. Some require students to figure out the meaning of words from context--an important skill for college reading. Others require him to fill in the definition using the simple glossary in the back of the Student Text. The additional notes section is a feature rarely found in a literature curriculum. Here we introduce and explain literary terms as examples crop up naturally in the text. In this way, we can introduce 130 literary terms in the study. We also explain background information about the chapters, such as explaining allusions to other of Tolkien's works, and telling what Tolkien was thinking as he wrote certain sections by quoting his own letters. In fact, we are the only literature curriculum that has been granted permission to quote Tolkien extensively in our text! The comprehension and discussion questions allow for deeper analysis and use of newly-acquired literary skills. Challenger questions are designed for older students only, though younger ones are welcome to try them. The answers to all these exercises are found in the Teacher's Edition.

Sample Chapter Study

 (click above link for a sample suitable for printing) 

Unit studies

The Lord of the Rings is naturally divided into six books which create six units for the curriculum. After each book is completed, students branch off into deeper unit studies of related literary topics such as poetry, the ancient epics, Beowulf, the stories of King Arthur, linguistics, world-creation in literature, and several others. You will see these in the table of contents below. Students are tested over both the content of The Lord of the Rings, these unit studies, the literary terms learned, and over 450 vocabulary words in a series of tests and quizzes. Ample study guides are provided to help students prepare for the tests and we suggest you use them.         

Sample of Selected Unit Studies

          (click above link for a sample suitable for printing)              

 Table of Contents

  (click above link for a sample suitable for printing) 

 Literary Terms covered

  (click above link for a sample suitable for printing) 

Curriculum Objectives

(a list of what exactly the study covers--good for school portfolios)

   (click above link for a sample suitable for printing)

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  2003 by Amelia Harper. All rights reserved.

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